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Freelance photographer based in Spain

Chief Editor at Carmencita Film Lab, Valencia

Digital High-End Retouching at 2 Touch Postproduction, Weinheim

Fotoassistent by: D.W. Schmalow Foto-design, Johannes Vogt Fotostudio, Ben Van Skyhawk photography, HYP Yerlikaya, Mannheim​​


Photographer at BS-Live Brunswik Magazine, Germany​


Final project at the Fine Arts University HBK Brunswik, Germany


EASD Valencia, Escuela de Arte Superior y Diseño
Visual arts and Design
Speciality: Artistic Photography


Photographer at Enfoque Audiovisual Valenciano Magazine


Photography and design at UNESCO Valencia


Photobooks at Mas Group, Valencia


Photography for the TV show from Europroducciones TV, part of Radio Televisión Valenciana


IES Henri Matisse Valencia, Spain
Audiovisuell and Shows
Speciality: Camera Operator and Ilumination​

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